What do I need to know before I purchase a home?

We get asked all the time “What do I need to know before I purchase a home?” Whether you are a first time buyer, a seasoned purchaser or looking for investment property this information is for you!

1. Hire a professional! We are here to help you acquire a wonderful place to call home while making a smart investment. We’ll always put you first.

2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. We have many trusted lenders. Working with a good mortgage professional and getting approved puts you in the driver’s seat when you find the house you want. Your credit, down payment, employment, assets and liabilities will be reviewed and you will discuss the loan that makes the best sense for your financial situation. (For cash buyers, be prepared to show proof of funds.) Give us a call for a list of excellent local lender options.

3. Location, location, location – these are the top 3 things in real estate for a reason. You can always improve your home, but you cannot always improve your location.

4. Have a little extra money available – make sure your earnest money, down payment and closing cost funds are available. Be sure to budget money for inspections and any repairs or cosmetic updates you would like to make before you move in.

5. Make the commute – make the drive a few times at different times of day so there are no surprises after you move in.

6. Check the utilities! Call the local utility companies and ask for the high, low and average costs for the last year.

7. Talk to the neighbors – you will be surprised how candid the neighbors will be if you ask them what they think of the neighborhood and area. If you are uncomfortable doing this alone, ask us to join you!

-Melody & Natalie

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