Renting vs. Buying (Hint: buy!)

Had enough with security deposits, roommates, and paying someone else’s mortgage? Making the decision to say adios to renting can be a scary one, but it doesn’t need to be! A colleague turned us on to this great chart and calculator detailing the savings a homeowner is able to make once they own. To check out the graph highlighting the savings made when buying- Click Here.


Once that has your wheels turning, use this calculator to see just what you’re paying in rent now, and what sort of savings YOU can look forward to if you buy- Click Here.

We would love to spend some time with you going over what these numbers mean for you in today’s market. With low home prices, and low interest rates, now is a great time for you or someone you love to take the plunge! We look forward to hearing from YOU.

-Melody & Natalie

The Get Moving Team: Melody and Natalie



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