Appreciating Portland’s Population

I once sat on a plane on my way home from New York. A quick stop to transfer planes in Atlanta, and I found myself sitting a few rows back from the one and only Little Richard.

I quickly learned that the man who had muscles spilling over on to my seat was Little Richard’s body guard. After chatting about Portland, Mr. Bodyguard asked what the Population of the Portland Metropolitan area was. After five years, and many nights questioning my right to claim I am a Portland native, I finally forgive myself for the awful answer I gave. “Oh, its pretty small. I think somewhere around 200,000.” Gawh! I am still mortified when I think about Mr. Bodyguard running around Portland and realizing how little that nice girl sitting next to him on the plane knew about her home town.

So now, I will attempt to redeem myself.

There is no denying that Portland is growing. Who wouldn’t want to move to such a beautiful and affordable city? With a median home price of $249,002, home ownership is still within reach for everyone who desires to do so. And with Portland ranking in the top ten places to relocate, we better start to embrace the ever growing number of transplants. Its flattering, right? A little over an hour to the beach and the mountain, endless supply of cozy coffee shops and yummy food carts.. I’m sold!

So, just how big is Portland? Well, as of 2010 the city itself has a healthy 583,776 individuals, and a whopping 2,260,000 in the Portland Metropolitan area. Quite a bit higher than my original guess 😉

Happy Thursday!


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